Scaling Your Venture into New Territories | July 2022

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About the webinar

No one said scaling was easy, but when is the right time to take your business nationwide or global?
Join us on Wednesday July 13th at 17:30 SAST as we discuss the topic of scaling into new markets with three venture leaders who have successfully executed their expansion plans.
Attendees will gain insight into how to identify and evaluate the opportunities to scale a venture into new (and possibly unknown) territories, and how your team can best prepare for this next step in your growth journey.

Meet our guest speakers

Chris Bruchhausen | Strove​
​Chris is the founder and CEO of Strove, the tech-based solution for employee wellness. Launched in 2021 to a purely South African market, Strove has continued to go from strength to strength: from onboarding leading brands as clients and partners, to securing R4 million in funding from Launch Africa, and, more recently, successfully launching Strove in the UK.
Alexandria Procter |​
​Alex is the co-founder, CEO, and Head of Product at, the largest student accommodation marketplace in Africa. Founded in 2018, the venture has quickly become a household name amongst students across the continent. Now, the venture has set its sights on expanding into new locations like Singapore, Berlin, and New York, and has recently established a new office base in London.
Pieter Grobbelaar | Revio
​Pieter is the Chief Commercial Officer of Revio, the SA-founded subscription payments solution. With over 20 years of experience delivering effective change for firms across a wide range of industries, Pieter brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation of scaling ventures, more so as Revio is currently expanding its footprint into Africa, with Pieter and his team at the helm.

Our host πŸ‘‹

​Bobby Sequeira is a Senior Product Manager at The Delta. Whether through his product management work at The Delta, his popular podcast MasterCast, or events like this Delta webinar, Bobby loves to unpack topics relevant to the venture space and dive into the experiences of entrepreneurs who are working hard to make a difference.