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Turn ideas into businesses with Genome.

For teams that need to validate their value propositions and ideas to learn and pivot faster, Genome is a platform that streamlines and standardizes the experimental and validation process.


  • Generate detailed customer personas outlining pain points and Jobs to be done
  • Create and categorise assumptions
  • Test assumptions by creating experiments
  • Link related experiments for greater evidence
  • Record and store learnings to share across organisation
  • Create test cards for experiments
  • Generate learning cards from completed experiments
  • Create and record decisions made from closed/ongoing experiments


  1. 1.
    Keep all of your experiment information across your organization in one place
  2. 2.
    Reduce the need for repeated learnings and experiments
  3. 3.
    Strengthen value propositions with strong validated assumptions


"Wearing many hats is a natural part of the job as a Venture Manager, however, a problem arises when this wealth of information is fragmented across different platforms and data sources. Genome has been a game-changer in helping keep a single source of truth for storing valuable venture-related data sources to refer back to easily and quickly." - Niven Poleman, Venture Manager

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