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Revolutionize your investments.

Marble is a comprehensive venture investments platform giving you the power to take your investments to new heights.


Marble is tailored to venture or investor companies.
For investor companies:
  • Facilitate capitalisation table management
  • Detailed views of the company's entire investment portfolio: documentation, growth projections and valuations, and financing rounds as well as equity splits
  • Facilitate the creation and control of new investment vehicles
  • Allows for investor companies to examine, and engage with, prospective venture companies
For venture companies:
  • Create a profile for their venture, provide a simplistic system of uploading documents to assist with compliance
  • Create and share investment pipelines allowing you to share investment leads and contacts, upcoming shareholder meetings and due diligence documents
  • Control governance functionality where you can grant stock to investors, see ownership and equity breakdowns, projected/prior issuance dates as well as create vesting templates and keep track of signatories
Coming soon:
  • Platform-styled engagement
  • Utilizing blockchain data storage
  • On-site communications


  1. 1.
    Improve investment management
  2. 2.
    Run more efficient funding events with better documentation


"Marble's simple and effective layout, combined with an intuitive dashboard and top-tier functionality, has significantly helped me manage my investments. I am really excited about the future of this software." - Ryan Hodgson, Portfolio Manager

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