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VenturePad is valuable software for any company conducting research which wants to learn more about their customers.

Ever find your meeting notes are in one place, recordings in another, stickies in another, and reports in another? This is what VenturePad solves.
By using VenturePad you will be able to store, analyze and build out your customer profile all in one place.
You have the power to source interview candidates, screen them for your product or service, schedule them for interviews, organize their responses and automatically generate a feedback report all within one place.


  • Automate your user interview report generation
  • Create interactive visualisations and quickly access insights from your research
  • Build up your own research panel enabling you to quickly find potential participants in future
  • Note-taking reinvented with question-by-question flows
  • Generate a rich database aggregating all of your research data, creating a powerful data source for your entire organisation
Coming soon:
  • Automated interview transcription and tagging of keywords


  1. 1.
    Keep all of your research information across your organization in one place
  2. 2.
    Reduce the need for technical data skills with automated report generation
  3. 3.
    Build up a central database of people, information, and resources


"Using VenturePad makes synthesising user research data so much easier, as everything is in one place. I also love the transparency it creates for team members who aren't involved in live research sessions first hand." - Marne Coetzee, Head of User Experience
"VenturePad made it so much easier to manage participants and composing the questions in a logical way for me and the scribe to follow. It's really been a game changer.” - Hilda Joubert, Senior Product Manager

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